STB Media Network

In our search to create the best comic book content there is, we have partnered with other hard working creators to help promote their amazing material they produce to help discuss, review, and benefit the comic book industry and geek culture! if you would like to join our network and have you podcast, YouTube channel, or website featured here, please Email Us.


Shoot the Breeze Comics

A collective of comic book fans deconstructs your favorite comics with reviews, press releases, and podcasts.

Godzilla Mendoza

This is the home of  incredibly dorky reviews of comic book related stuff, as well as the occasional unfocused and vulgar Let’s Play videos.


Nerdsmerized is a place that is a safe haven for all nerds to come and express their opinions enjoy great content and chat with the rest of our team. We are all about community and love our fans we put out comic book related content movie reviews movie-related content podcast game reviews and much much more.


Panel to Panel

The Comic book Podcast where a bunch of guys sit around and shoot the breeze about comic books and such.

Thought Bubbles

Where women talk about comic books, movies, and their experiences with geek culture.

Throwdown Thursday

Weekly show centered on the characters in the films, books, TV, comics and more that we love, and love to hate!


Wolfy Works

Watercolor pieces of things that would generally be considered scary or creepy.


Word of The Nerd

An online magazine that covers all of nerdom. From comic books to video games to cosplay, our coverage is as varied as our talented staff of writers.

You Don't Read Comics

Here at You Don’t Read Comics, we DO read comics, and our mission is to encourage others to join us in appreciating the medium.