Of Secrets, Angels, and Demon Rituals (Mercy Sparx Vol 2 Trade Paperback Review)

Of Secrets, Angels, and Demon Rituals (Mercy Sparx Vol 2 Trade Paperback Review)

Mercy Sparx Volume 2


Written by: Josh Blaylock

Illustrated by: Matt Merhoff

Colors by: Greg and Fake


Story so Far:

Mercy Sparx is still stuck receiving orders on which angel to take down. Only this time, the orders actually come from heaven and not a demented angel bent on following Lucifer’s path, but in a superior way. She’s pretty damn sick of life they cut out for her, but she’s trapped like a mouse in this cage of rules and violence. Heaven needs her to balance Earth, but keeps her in the dark about what she is really being forced to do.


Volume 1 left us wondering just what Mercy has to do. We were left with too many questions and no answers. It starts off with us seeing the angelic court presumably in charge of heaven and fate itself. Deep secrets are held within power, and answers are sought not just by the rogues, but demons and Mercy too. She’s caught off-guard as she takes down a demon, not expecting to see something from Hell after dealing with so many Heavenly mess ups. A priest bails her out, but things do not go according to plan at all, given the several traps she keeps finding herself in. Who is her mother and why is she imprisoned? Once more, the volume leaves us with burning questions.

My Thoughts (Possibly a spoiler?):

Mercy Sparx. Mercy. Freaking. Sparx. Where to even begin? I am all for anti-heroes with too much personality. It’s a fun series. The illustrations in this volume are fantastic. I was not expecting to see them outshine the previous volume by so much, but bravo. The story line is full of so much imagery and lore it isn’t even funny. It’s a great read, and you really need to get your hands on a copy of this. I enjoyed seeing how much Mercy grew as a character in this arc. She even had to learn to cope without her devling abilities, which was a very nice touch. For a character to really grow, they need to learn that they’re not top dog. I’m excited to start Volume 3.

Remember everyone, volume 4 should be coming out soon! Hurry and catch up!



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