Pissed off Demon Works for Heaven (Mercy Sparx Vo. 1 Trade Paperback Review)

Pissed off Demon Works for Heaven (Mercy Sparx Vo. 1 Trade Paperback Review)

Mercy Sparx Volume 1


Written and Created by: Josh Blaylock

Illustrated by: Matt Merhoff

Colors by: Eduardo Medeiros and Bill Crabtree

Story so far:

Mercy is your average demon living in a place between heaven and hell. Likes to drink, likes to party, you know the usual stuff. Everything seemingly bad that CAN happen usually does to her. From cheating demons to angels who just don’t play fair, Mercy is annoyed at her life.



Mercy Sparx ends up being forcefully recruited to help out heaven under strict orders from someone above, but she never finds out their identity. Strict “You don’t need to know, you lowly demon” kind of basis. The consequence for ignoring said orders would be a very painful death. She’s sent to Earth to hunt down rogue angels. Mercy finds it not only tedious, but to be a huge pain in her ass. She’s tired and too sober for this crap. The “orders from heaven” aren’t even from heaven. There’s a second coming of a very Lucifer-like angel falling. Mercy has to team up with the very demon who was giving her the orders, but he was also unaware of what the angel was up to. Once the fiasco settles, Mercy finds herself under the scrutiny of the real heaven. She’s still stuck doing the same job as before, just under new management with a renewed vow of death should she mess up. At least she still has Hank’s cool gadgets to help her out. There aren’t just angels out there that she will be fighting, but she won’t do this alone.


My thoughts (Little to no spoilers):

Mercy is a spunky and hilarious anti-heroine. She has the potential to be something great. I can see why this had such a following on Kickstart. It’s beautifully written and designed, and Blaylock should be proud of himself. There is a lot of cursing in it, fair warning, but it doesn’t feel forced or thrown in for no reason. It’s literally just her way of life. The flow of the volume is fantastic.  You don’t see that very often in a first volume. I hold a deep appreciation for the art and how it settles down almost immediately into an eye-catching rhythm. The lore is researched and executed without a hitch. You’ll see a lot of big wig seraphim names pop up, and the design of each character is memorable. Nothing is out of place, and no character is without a purpose. It’s even mentioned how the muses crave creative energy. Color this angelic lore fan impressed. Not a fan of the usual black and white text? Then Mercy is definitely for you, it’s in black and red and very pleasing to read for long periods of time. If you were uncertain about picking this series up before, I highly recommend you do so quickly. Volume 4 is set to hit the market soon, and you’re going to want to be caught up before it does. I don’t plan on putting this series down any time soon.

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