A Change of Scenery (X-Men Red Vol 1 #4 Comic Review)

X-Men Red Vol 1 #4 Written by: Tom Taylor Art by: Mahmud A. Asrar Cover art by: Travis Charest What You Need To Know: In the last issue of X-Men Red, our team of merry mutants was attacked by a giant ...

9 Amazing

Wait, What? First Kiss? (Ms. Marvel #29 Comic Review)

Ms. Marvel: Something New Pt 1 Story: G. Willow Wilson Art: Nico Leon Color: Ian Herring Lettering: VC’s Joe Caramagna Cover: Valerio Schiti, Rachelle Rosenberg           &nbs...

8.8 Great

The Endless Waking Nightmare (Bloodborne #2 Comic Review)

The Death of Sleep #2 Written by: Ales Kot Art by: Piotr Kowalski                   Transcend the Hunt: The Hunter’s goal in this terrible nightmare ...

9 Amazing

The Demon Was in You the Whole Time!(Kill of be Killed #16 Review)

Kill or be Killed #16 Story: Ed Brubaker Art: Sean Phillips Cover Art: Elizabeth Breitweiser What You Missed: Dylan is stuck in a mental institution after the return of the Demon drove him to beat the...

9 Amazing

Excalibur Reunion!(X-Men: Gold Annual #1 Review)

X-Men: Gold Annual #1 Featuring two stories! “Cross Atlantic Capers” by Writer: Marc Guggenheim & Leah Williams Penciler: Alitha E. Martinez Inkers: Alitha E. Martinez & Craig Yeun...

9 Amazing

Guess Who’s Back? Back Again? (X-Men Red #1 Comic Review)

Writer: Tom Taylor Artist: Mahmud Assar Cover Artist: Travis Charist Possible Spoilers What you need to know: In 2004, Jean Grey died. For the last 14 years, the world has been without her. With this ...

9 Amazing

If you know you’re insane, are you still insane?(Kill or be Killed #15 Review)

Kill or be Killed #15 Ed Brubaker Sean Phillips Elizabeth Breitweiser What you missed:  After a showdown with the Russian mob Dylan discovered the “imaginary” demon  in his head he thought...

9 Amazing

What if imaginary friends aren’t that imaginary? (Imaginary Fiends #1 Comic Review)

Imaginary Fiends #1 Writer: Tim Seely Artist: Stephen Molnar Colorist: Quinton Winter Letterer: Carlos M. Mangual Cover: Richard Pace What if imaginary friends aren’t imaginary? What if theyR...

9 Amazing

Battle for the Streets (Defenders #8 Comic Review)

  What You Missed: Continuing from Defenders #7, the team confronts Deadpool and the Punisher. Meanwhile, Diamondback continues to push forward and make moves in his bid for complete control of Hell’s...

8 Great
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