The Reluctant Return of Silencer (Silencer #1 Comic Review)

The Reluctant Return of Silencer (Silencer #1 Comic Review)

Art by: Sandra Hope and John Romita Jr.

Story by: Hope and Romita Jr.

Cover Art by: Dan Abnett











Who is The SIlencer?:

Assassin, wife, mother, or quiet town woman? Just who is our heroine? Honor Guest, aka Silencer, was one of the deadliest assassins ever in DC, and no one has heard of her. Until now. Her super-strength, high level training, devastating and meta-human abilities, Honor Guest is a woman that by any means should never have gotten out of the assassination business. She worked firmly under Leviathan, that is, until she grew sick of it and the bloodshed. She just wants to be ordinary. Hush hush about her past, she has moved firmly on and has started a wonderful family with her adoring husband and her son lovingly called Jellybean. Peace and quiet for her and her family is all she could ask for, however, that’s just not in her hand of cards the world has dealt her. Again.








What Just Happened:

This issue opens up to show our newest DC New Age heroine, and she is among the deadliest in the universe. Honor Guest is shopping with her son, Jellybean, for his school supplies. An ordinary day for an ordinary family. That is, until someone from her past recognizes her. Once she leaves the store to put the groceries up to return home, she’s approached by a man who says he’s here to bring her in. Annoyed, but trying to keep calm, she attempts to get him to leave without force. This doesn’t work, so Honor is forced to use her powers for the first time in years, and the strain is almost enough to cause her to pass out. Hours pass and we meet her adoring husband. Everything is perfect in her home. What could be better than a home full of love? Sadly, it isn’t meant to last, as once more, her bloody past rears its head up.










The Silencer is a top notch origin. There are so many raw emotions showing flawlessly, and what else can we expect from the writing talents of Sandra Hope? I wasn’t left wanting for action in this, as plenty happened. “Code of Honor” part 1 gives us a perfect look into the duality of Honor Guest’s life, and it gives us clear cut characters to root for. I’m excited to see where her story will lead, as it has the promise to land her in history. Honor Guest is not a heroine to overlook, and I hope you take the time to jump into her story with me.

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