Moving On Up!! (Batman #86 Comic Review)

Writer James Tynion IV Pencils Tony S. Daniel Inks Danny Miki Colors Tomeu Morey Letters Clayton Cowles Cover Daniel & Morey Variant Cover Francesco Mattina Last Issue Bruce tied up his loose ends...

10 Perfect

No masks (Batman #82 Comic Review)

Batman #82 Writer: Tom King Artist: Mikel Janin Colors: Jordie Bellaire Letterer: Clayton Cowles Bane’s plan to break Batman again, this time on a more psychological level, has been playing out since ...

9 Amazing

We are the message (Batman #79 Comic Review)

Batman #79 Writer: Tom King Artist: Clay Mann Letterer: Clayton Cowles Previously The City of Bane arc was on pause to focus on Batman and Catwoman. The issue mostly retreads old ground and covered wh...

8 Great

“Forsooth! I done dang figured it out!” (Harley Quinn #61 Comic Review)

Writer: Sam Humphries Artist: Otto Schmidt Letterer: Dave Sharpe Cover Artists: Guillem March & Arif Prianto Variant Cover Artists: Frank Cho & Sabine Rich Assistant Editor: Andrea Shea Editor...

9.1 Amazing

It’s time to wake up (Batman #69 Comic Review)

Batman #69 Writer: Tom King Artist: Yanick Paquette Colorist: Nathan Fairbairn Letterer: Clayton Cowles The interconnected one-shot arc is coming to a close here with this comic. This being the first ...

10 Perfect

This is your worst nightmare, isn’t it? (Batman #68 Comic Review)

Batman #68 Writer: Tom King Artist: Amanda Conner, Dan Panosian, John Timms, and Mikel Janin Colorist: Paul Mounts, John Timms, and Jordie Bellaire Letterer: Clayton Cowles This is one of the final is...

9 Amazing

All he has is a vow (Batman #66 Comic Review)

Batman #66 Writer: Tom King Artist: Jorge Fornes Colorist: Dave Stewart Letterer: Clayton Cowles After a brief run of fill-ins the Batman title returns to Tom King’s arc “Knightmares.” A series of loo...

10 Perfect

How Batman #50 Should Have Ended (Batman #63 Comic Review)

Writer Tom King Artist Mikel Janin Colorist Jordie Bellaire Letterer Clayton Cowles Cover Mikel Janin Variant Cover Tony S. Daniel & Tomeu Morey Assoc. Editor Brittany Holzherr Editor Jamie S. Ric...

5 Average

The Top 10 Ongoing Comics Queer Women Should Be Reading

Hello, Gentle Readers, and welcome to The Queerosphere! I’m happy to bring you my list of top 10 ongoing comics that I believe queer lady comic fans should be reading right now. Now, keep in min...

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