Teen Titans Academy (#1 Review)



Writer: Tim Sheridan

Artist: Rafa Sandoval

Inker: Jordi Tarragona

Colorist: Alejandro Sanchez



I tried. I really did. I tried to keep my nostalgia, my love for the Teen Titans and its history, and the implied promise that their Dark Metal Special said was going to happen. However, I can not in good faith co-sign this series. Will I review it to make sure that others can see what happens from issue to issue? Sure. Just don’t expect me to be alright with this series and the choices that are made.

To be honest, I know this series is two issues down, but, I can’t get over the fact that this series just as a concept, doesn’t get the Teen Titans. It all starts with bringing in Red X. Before I get into it, I’m going to give you a brief recap of what went down in this issue and the sheer disappointment I had while reading this.

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New younger heroes take a ferry to Titan’s Island where the New Teen Titans Roster (sans Wally, Roy, Lilith, Bumblebee, Herald, Garth, Danny Chase, Kole, and Jericho, don’t worry, I’ll get to it) and the member’s of Damian’s Teen Titans team (sans Djinn, I’ll get to that too), meet outside of the Tower to greet these newcomers. The Teen Titans Academy has been aptly named “Roy Harper Titans Academy” and Starfire is the headmistress of the academy. 

We get a run-through of what the Academy is about, The Teen Titans are upperclassmen who get to go on missions, the New Teen Titans Roster is the faculty, and the newbies (Including Billy Batson and Miguel Montez) are underclassmen who have to take classes and be normal kids before they can do anything hero-like.

During a training session, Nightwing is reminded of his past as Red X when, during a training session, a multitude of Red X holograms appear and cause mayhem. After dealing with that crisis, we end up at a birthday party for Nightwing, where the old gang discusses how someone sent Nightwing the Red X mask as a present. Not knowing who did it, Nightwing makes a speech that’s rendered dumb when he meets up with Starfire to do sexy times (I’ll get into THAT) and he says he misplaced the mask. The issue ends with some random African-American character wearing the Red X mask looking menacing. 



  1. The New Teen Titans: Let’s start with the fact that Cyborg has been relegated to the only black member of the team. Not only that, but there is no mention of any of the other members I listed above and if they are even active members, or helping. Naturally, I’m assuming this is a by-product of this new “Infinite Frontier” initiative, and to be honest, it’s not giving me confidence for the future with how much of the history of the Teen Titans has been butchered yet again…..sort of.
  2. Teen Titans Animated Series: This show, as great as it was, has RUINED this comic. Not only are they bending the lore to fit in this era into the comic characters, but they are also trying so hard to make this fit in with the already checkered history of the Teen Titans
  3. Roy and Wally:  Roy getting a memorial and an entire school named around him will already cause issues when they all eventually find out the big secret revolving around him, so I guess this part of the story will be somewhat interesting. However, seeing as how the writer is probably stuck by committee, we won’t get it for a while. As for Wally, it is probably the same as Roy. Although, the team not even referencing him or Dick actually having a moment to talk about it, since he was shot and going through an identity crisis, is out of character and not Dick at all.
  4. Artwork: The art is……alright. I’m getting used to it and it gives it a different shade from the other comics.
  5. The New Class: One of the things that made Avengers Academy a great book, was that it focused on a small beginner class of younger heroes and gave us a look at the Avengers through their eyes. With this comic, we meet a big amount of random students that will affect the book somehow, but I don’t know any of them. They are all mysterious, weird, having secrets, or just plain boring. Hopefully, the later issues, make these kids better
  6. Red X: I’m saving this for the next one.


All in all, this comic is not showing promise. I hope the next issue is better and actually gives me something to look forward to, because, honestly, I’m not feeling it. I’m giving this issue a 6/10 

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