The Eramads’ Truth (Battlecats #4 Comic Review)

The Eramads’ Truth (Battlecats #4 Comic Review)

“Battlecats #4: The Hunt for the Dire Beast pt 4”

Written by: Mark London

Pencils and Ink by: Andy King

Color by: Julian Gonzalez











Keeping Up With The Battlecats:

With the battle of the Dire Beast drawing to an explosive end, what else will the Battlecats find out? What secret does their king hold his tongue about? Kelthan noticed something was off about the beast, but followed his duty… Or did he? Just who is Vaela, and why is she so sought after? Why is Eltoreq desperate to weaken the Battlecats? So many questions! The only way to know the truth is to read on.

What Just Happened:

Instead of immediately jumping straight into more present plot, we move back into the past to expand the world of Valderia. The Lion God’s presence is touched down upon. We see how Valderia grew to be the kingdom it is now through Eramad the First. The path the kings walked was one beginning with unity, unfortunately, not all kings are worthy. Nor are they all the same. With power comes responsibility and that responsibility must fall onto strong shoulders of someone with a great will. Did you know that the world has 5 moons? One for each day of the week. Zaphyra, Malvae, Tegei, Bah, and Luno. The world is well designed with multiple layers of details plotted out. With each new king comes new priorities. The first sought unity, the second sought fame and proved unworthy, and now the third with secrets aplenty sits proudly on the throne.







































Okay, okay, I know I’ve said this a thousand times, but Battlecats is so worth it. I mean it. Again. PICK IT UP! The world building is top notch, and I can’t believe how seamlessly the past was forged within the comic. The past reveals so many incredible secrets that you won’t piece together until you continue onward in your reading. Mark London has a way with words that will continue to grab your attention issue after issue. Andy King’s artwork is always sublime and pairs beautifully with the writing. Julian Gonzalez did a fantastic job with the vibrancy of the colors this issue. I didn’t expect to learn so much about Valderia, but here we are. What other secrets will we find out in issue 5 and onward? Only time will tell!

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