Top 5 Things I Want in Runaways Season 3

Top 5 Things I Want in Runaways Season 3

Get ready to run, because Marvel’s Runaways return for season 3 on Friday, December 13th!

Since I just wrapped up my (third) season 2 rewatch, I figured we could have some fun. So, here are the top 5 things I want to see in season 3 of Marvel’s Runaways.

5. Chase Reconciling With The Team

One of the big twists towards the end of season 2 was that Chase, and not Alex like in the comics, was the one to betray the Runaways. (We knew one of them was going to be a traitor.)

Chase leaves after Molly’s quinceanera to join PRIDE and that promptly blows up in his face, because he was stuffed into one of Jonah’s pods. (I know that’s a bastardization of what happened. It was just fun to type.)

As much as I hate to admit it, Chase meant well. He was doing what he genuinely thought was right and I can’t blame him for that. He loves his family and he was trying to protect them.

The way I’ve always seen it is that while Gert is the heart of the Runaways, Chase is the soul.

I want to see his family save him, maybe scold him for a while, but forgive him.

4. Gert Being Alive

Gert Yorkes has died twice in the comics and both deaths marked massive turning points for our favorite band of runaways. (Her first death being a time-displaced adult Gert who came back to warn them about Victorious.)

However, her second death is more polarizing because, in true Brian K. Vaughan fashion, her death is sudden and tragic. Gert is killed by a time-displaced Geoffrey Wilder while saving Chase and monologuing like a badass. Before we knew it, she was gone and all we were left to do was weep alongside Chase.

Dear Hulu, I’ve been through this once, please don’t make me go through it again.

While Marvel’s Runaways isn’t a direct adaptation, they do pull heavily from the comics, especially when it relates to character development. So I can’t say I would be surprised if Gert’s death was adapted for the show, but I would hate it. Gert is the heart of the Runaways and the team was thrown into chaos after her death. While it makes for a great plot point and fertile ground for character development, the comic lacked after her death.

I don’t want to see the show go through that as well.

Also, I’ve been through it once before. I can’t do it again.

(If Gert’s death is some season 3 finale/cliffhanger thing, I will throw the whole show out.)

3. Nico’s Witch Arm

For a bit of history: Nico gets the Witch Arm during the maxi-series Avenger Arena where Nico, Chase, and other teen heroes are kidnapped by Arcade and forced to fight to the death on Murder World. (It’s just Battle Royale.) Chase falls under mind control and attacks Nico, severing her left arm. Nico was able to cast one more spell before her death. The spell resurrects her, increases her power level, and gives her the Witch Arm. It’s essentially a prosthetic arm made of pure magic.

Everyone’s favorite Witchy Woman

I know a lot of people will disagree with me wanting the Witch Arm in season 3, but given that Nico appears to be slipping further and further into dark magic, and with the addition of Elizabeth Hurley as Morgan le Fay, I think it would be an interesting addition.

Plus, the Witch Arm is badass.

Now, we don’t necessarily have to do a Murder World type situation for her to get it. It could be something from Morgan le Fay or a result from messing around with the Dark Dimension (because of Nico’s eye thing and Doctor Strange, I can only assume that’s where they’re going) or even just a spell that went wrong.

Just don’t have Chase cut it off, we don’t need him being a bigger douche. We need him reconciling. 

This whole point just boils down to this: Witch Arm is dope, Nico is dope, and together they would be Super Dope.

2. Victor Mancha

Man of La Mancha

I’ve been demanding VIctor since the pilot. I know, I know, they were still covering the first 18 issues, but still.

Victor Mancha is a cyborg son of Ultron. Yes, Victor is his son. To summarize this as best as I can: Ultron took DNA from a woman named Marianella Mancha (who was unable to have children) and cloned it while adding his nano-technology.

Victor was first introduced in the comics after future adult Gert (the Runaways and time travel tend to go hand in hand) came back to warn the teens that Victor would become the villain Victorious. (Victor was intended to be a sleeper agent who would dismantle the Avengers, take over the world, and be generally unpleasant.)

After foiling Ultron’s plans, the Runaways agree to take Victor in. He became an integral member of the Runaways and just as much of a member of the family as any of the PRIDE kids.

He’s a fan-favorite character and, like with Nico’s Witch Arm, Victor doesn’t need a comic canon introduction. His inclusion would add a new dynamic to the show and it would be interesting to see how the Runaways juggle Xavin, Leslie, and this new mysterious cyborg boy.

Look we got Topher and Xavin, why can’t I have Victor? (Also, Victor joined up before Xavin did!)

1. Deanoru Reunion

We lamp Deanoru

I’m can already hear some people groaning at me for this one. I can’t help it, I’m a shipper at heart. I’ve been on the Nico and Karolina bandwagon for far longer than I’d like to admit. (I’m pretty sure teenage Mary started shipping them immediately after reading Runaways #1 in 2003.)

I just love them so much.

It did move a little too quickly, and GertChase did as well, but you can tell they wanted to catch up as quickly as they could. I imagine it’s difficult to cram 6+ years of development into 13 episodes, so I let that slide.

The Deanoru narrative was handled well in season 2 and we saw how much their relationship progressed. (Instances of patricide aside…)

It didn’t feel forced, and I attribute that, in part, to the onscreen chemistry of Virginia Gardner (Karolina) and Lyrica Okano (Nico). The strong script, understanding of the source material, and dedication to the pairing made it work very well.

I want to see it expanded on, but I know that Xavin is in the mix it’s going to get a little complicated. 

Let’s be honest, what I want is the big romantic reunion.

(As long as Karolina doesn’t leave Earth with Xavin I will be fine.)


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