Welcome to The Justice League (Justice League #63 comic review)

Welcome to The Justice League (Justice League #63 comic review)Score 90%Score 90%

Justice League #63

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis

Artist: David Marquez

Colors: Tamra Bonvillain

Letters: Josh Reed

The previous issue focused on the battle with Brutus, the initial invading force that started this entire arc. The League did win the battle, but not without some major complications. They are currently in an alternate universe that plays havoc with their powers. Some heroes are far more powerful, yet others are rendered almost useless. After dealing with Brutus the issue ended with Zumbado (the antagonist that killed Naomi’s parents) facing off against the League.

This issue is not framed differently than the last one. The majority of the comic is The League vs Zumbado (much like the last issue was the battle with Brutus). Even the way the comic is laid out is the same, with multiple splash pages. However, there are some differences. The comic opens with the battle already finished, as Naomi wakes up back on The Justice League’s home base. The fight is told through flashbacks concluding with their escape. There is enough left on the table at the end of this issue to close out the arc but hint at things to come.

Tim’s Thoughts
Bendis closes out his introductory arc and is mostly successful at selling his pitch to the reader. The League is still mostly made up of the old guard, but he brings Black Adam and Naomi into the fold. It is impressive that he can naturally bring Naomi into the team, intertwining her background into their new threat. Personally, I have not read any Naomi comics and have only come across the character a few times. In a few issues, Bendis can explain, introduce, and give importance to the character to new readers. She makes sense as part of The League going forward. She is not just a new addition but seems to be an integral part of things to come. Black Adam is not given the same treatment, as he is just part of the team now due to happenstance. Of course, that character is a bit more well-known and hopefully will get the spotlight later. The framing of this issue makes it more relevant than the fight with Brutus. Telling the fight in flashbacks allows Bendis to move the story forward with his framing device and there is very little “waste” in this book. The only downfall is that the comic does seem to repeat some of the same notes from the previous one. Overall, this is a solid introduction to what will hopefully be an exciting new direction for The Justice League.

David Marquez delivers another fun issue. Because this issue looks a lot like the previous one, and new commentary is not needed. It is a beautiful issue with some really dynamic splash pages. These issues will make one really nice cohesive trade when read altogether. 

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Summary After this first arc the new Justice League is established, along with a new and interesting threat. Brian Michael Bendis has successfully started an interesting run on the title, and it will hopefully continue this trend going forward.


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