We’re all Guardians (Guardians of the Galaxy #6 comic review)

We’re all Guardians (Guardians of the Galaxy #6 comic review)

Guardians of the Galaxy #6

Writer: Donny Cates

Artist: Geoff Shaw

Colors: David Curiel

Letterer: VC’s Cory Petit


The big news is that Thanos is back. Each of the three opposing teams went on the separate quests to find, kill, or protect who might become the next Thanos. It turned out the team, lead by Eros, that was most adamant in their ruthless goal to kill Gamora held the key to Thanos’ return the entire time. Eros ended up being the person who held the resurrected soul of the Mad Titan and at the end of issue 5 allowed Thanos to return.

A lot of the fallout of this story has already been hinted at, in the recently released Annual. The story here can be summed up as Thanos comes back and everybody fights. There are some surprising and notable moments that will shake up the Cosmic side of Marvel. The comic is so action-packed it reads at a brisk pace and it does not stop for any breath until the end. Nearly everyone that has been featured in the series thus far has a chance to shine (or fail) and things end fairly neatly so the next story can start.

Tim’s Thoughts
I have loved this book so far and feel that the ending here was way to fast. Cates has done a great job juggling everything from multiple characters and teams, but he kind of just smashes them all together here. There are some really exciting moments but none get the time they need to sink in. Most upsetting is that Thanos comes back and he is dealt with very quickly. While the way his story ends is really fun I just felt that after 5 issues of building towards his return he was shuffled away in a very short manner. Of course, there will be more to this, but as a single issue Thanos’ return seemed lackluster. Donny Cates story here ends with a bang, but everything seems like it was finished too quickly. And there is still the issue of a few characters getting the attention that have still not been explained, which stands out, even more, when they are part of a conclusion and I had no reason to care. With everything that didn’t work in the bulk of the book, it does set up the next storyline which seems intriguing. We now have a new focused Guardians team and I want to see where they go from here.

While Donny Cates story felt flat the same cannot be said for Geoff Shaw’s art. This action-packed issue let Shaw have a lot of fun. If anything this comic was more of a piece highlighting Shaw’s work than Cates writing. Without spoiling anything he has a chance to draw some really epic moments and they all hit thanks to his art. Shaw was what made this comic worth reading for me.

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