Wonder Twin Powers! Activate! (Justice League #65 Comic Review)

Wonder Twin Powers! Activate! (Justice League #65 Comic Review)Score 70%Score 70%

Justice League #65

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis

Artist: Steve Pugh

Colors: Nick Filardi

Letters:  Josh Reed

The Justice League book is becoming more and more part of Bendis’ larger run (going back to his work on Naomi, Superman, and Leviathan). The previous issue had Checkmate interrupt Green Arrow and Black Canary’s date, and Synmar (an antagonist from Bendis’ Superman run) attack the Justice League. This storyline is working with many different threads, and none of them seem connected (at least at the moment).

This issue continues being split between the two main stories. This first being Checkmate, and they get a bit more relevance here. Lois Lane’s brother is introduced to Black Canary and she also learns that Green Arrow is bankrolling this new Checkmate. This meeting is quickly interrupted by Deathstroke attacking them. On the other side of the story is Synmar versus The Justice League. The entire team is involved, along with the welcome addition of The Wonder Twins. Both of these battles end on cliffhangers and no resolution is apparent at the moment.

Tim’s Thoughts
This issue was better than the previous one, but still comes with some problems. Bendis focused on action here, which made for a much quicker and enjoyable read. I got to the end of the issue and was surprised it was already over. Therefore he was successful in creating a fun and dynamic book, far better than the exposition heavy comics that can be Bendis’ downfall. The problem is, the threats here are still not that engaging. Synmar is still an empty character and not that interesting. Checkmate is really fun, but Bendis has yet to show he can handle the team aptly. The only interesting hook on the Chekmate front was a twist on Deathstroke’s character. The battle with Synmar also had a fun moment with The Wonder Twins. Their addition is just pure fun and I hope we get to see more of them. Overall this was some of the best Checkmate, and Synmar material Bendis has created but it is still weighed down by their legacy.  Maybe the next issues will continue the trend upwards and make me a fan.

Stevel Pugh is better here as well. His art lends itself to the action packed nature of this book. When there is some dialogue here, the characters can seem a bit wooded, but he seems to be finding his groove in this book. The Justice League book has looked better in the past, and Pughs’s work has also been more interesting on other titles. But just like Bendis’ writing there seems to be a trend upwards in the quality of this arc. Let’s hope it holds. 

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Summary A quick and action packed comic. Justice League is still incorporating elements of previous Bendis material, but it is a bit more engaging here. Hopefully this arc continues to get better.


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