Wonderful Lynda Carter Earns Walk of Fame Honor

Wonderful Lynda Carter Earns Walk of Fame Honor

Lynda Carter starred for three seasons in the 1970s CBS show “Wonder Woman” as Diana Prince herself. With her raven black hair, piercing blue eyes, and strong sense of morality, Lynda was the perfect Wonder Woman brought to real life.

Wonder Woman is a heroine with a strong will, a feminist, and a pacifist, and Lynda Carter knew how to bring each of these traits to life beautifully for people to enjoy getting to know her. Lynda strives every day to continue to personify everything Diana is. She works to keep her fan pages a safe place from bullying. She’s the real deal type of every day superhero, and now she has truly marked her place in history as a pop icon!









It’s no wonder she’s earned this award. Lynda Carter is, and always will be the original Wonder Woman. She’s created a massive shadow for anyone else to follow in, and fans are rejoicing that her incredible work is getting the attention it deserves all these years later.

“Superhero fans will be thrilled to see the TV’s iconic original ‘Wonder Woman’ Lynda Carter honored with her well-deserved star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!” stated Leron Gubler, Hollywood Chamber of Commerce President and CEO. “We are proud to add Lynda onto our historic Walk of Fame.”

Lynda has worked hard for many years to showcase that everyone can do something wonderful with their lives to improve everything around us. She’s worked hard to expand her career past Diana Prince with her extensive work in many other movies, commercials for Maybelline, music, voice overs for Bethesda Softworks, and she guest starred in season 2 of Supergirl.

Being on screen wasn’t the only role Lynda has played, however, as she has been working hard to make the world a safer place. She is a huge advocate for LGBTQA+ rights and marches. She’s also been the Grand Marshal for several prides.

Lynda worked hard to stay in the industry while raising her children so that they could see her doing what she loved. Diana Prince was the role that changed everything for her, and she wasn’t going to go back when there was still so much she longed to do to change the world around her. She was a huge influence on generations, and myself included. Lynda Carter is a positive force for the world, and one that I’m proud to see get an honor she so rightfully deserves.






Whether or not Lynda Carter will show up in the sequel to the popular new Wonder Woman film is up in the air, however she has been talking extensively with Patty Jenkins. The two hit it off rapidly, and by the end of their conversations, you could swear they were the same person with their ideals for Wonder Woman.

“[It’s] quite incredible to become a part of the story with someone I admire as much as I do Lynda,” the director says. “As the years have gone on, I’ve come to admire that she carried that same spirit into her personal life as well. She lives an incredible and very unique and successful life. She’s had an incredible career but also [has] the personal life and family, which is just as successful.”

Without a doubt in my mind, I can say that this is true. Lynda Carter is a wonderful person, and she truly embodied Diana Prince’s ideals. It makes sense that she finally lassoed herself a walk of fame honor.

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